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Posters at SC13 provide an excellent opportunity for short presentations and informal discussions with conference attendees. SC13 posters display cutting-edge, interesting research in high performance computing, storage, networking and analytics. Posters can be mounted beginning on Monday afternoon 2pm in the posters area. All posters must be mounted before Tuesday at 8:30am and remain on display through the close of the conference on Thursday, Nov. 21. In addition, the poster area will feature a hangout area where participants can socialize and discuss posters and other topics.

The SC13 Technical Posters Program received 211 regular, electronic, and education poster submissions, which covered a wide variety of research topics in HPC. The Poster Committee followed a rigorous peer-review process with careful management of conflicts, and three reviews per submission (in most cases). The Poster Committee discussed the submissions and finalized the selections through online discussions. At the conclusion of the discussions, the committee accepted 83 regular, electronic, and education posters, reflecting an average acceptance rate below 40%. The Research Poster Exhibit kicks off at 5:15 pm. Tuesday, Nov. 19, with a reception in the posters display area of the convention center, in the corridor above the Mile High Ballroom and in the Ballrooms Pre-function area. Complimentary refreshments and appetizers are available until 7 p.m. near the east entrance.

SC13 hosts the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC), where 24 student-developed posters selected after a rigorous peer-review process from 50 submissions are on display and compete for the best graduate and undergraduate student poster awards. The student posters are included in the Poster Exhibit display area and the poster presentations take place during the Poster Reception on Tuesday from 5:15pm to 7pm. During the Poster Reception, a jury selects posters for the ACM SRC semi-final. Selected students present their work on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 3:30 pm in Room 404 of the convention center. Each selected student presents a 10-minute talk about her/his poster and key contributions. A jury then evaluates the students and chooses the winners for the ACM SRC graduate and undergraduate medals. Winners are presented at the SC13 award ceremony on Thursday. First place winners of the ACM SRC at SC13 are entered into the SRC Grand Finals (Grand Finals are judged over the Internet). Winners of the Grand Finals (with their faculty advisor) are invited to the annual ACM Awards Banquet where the ACM Turing Award is presented.

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Poster submissions closed July 31, 2013

ACM Student Research Competition Posters

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