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Go Mobile with Boopsie - the Free SC13 Mobile App

Whether you are new to SC or you’ve been coming for years, the SC conference can be an overwhelming experience. Every year, the conference grows with more exhibits, more technical program sessions and more attendees, making it harder than ever to keep track of everything going on.

Download the FREE SC13 application (powered by Boopsie) onto your smartphone to access the SC13 schedule, session and paper abstracts, information on speakers, exhibit maps, and local information! You can access the SC13 app in one of two ways:

  1. Direct from Boopsie ( from your smart phone
  2. Go to the App Store on your smart phone and search for “SC13”

The SC13 Boopsie app provides a searchable conference schedule, including session type, speaker(s), location, time and duration. It includes a complete roster of speakers, cross-correlated with the sessions in which they will appear. If you’re looking for “What’s Next” at SC13, you’ll find a handy feature to alert you of sessions starting in the next 60 minutes. Need to find a vendor’s booth? There’s a complete Exhibitor listing with booth numbers and a map of the exhibit floor. The app even includes conference-related social media information including a direct link to the conference Facebook page and Twitter feeds, so you can see what is hot at the conference without needing to leave the app.

Hey, you’re smarter than the average bear, right? Plan to download the app before you arrive in Denver to avoid the potential for slow download times caused by those who didn’t plan ahead.