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Ultra-High Resolution Simulation of a Downburst-Producing Thunderstorm.

Authors: Robert Sisneros (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Leigh Orf (Central Michigan University), George Bryan (National Center for Atmospheric Research)

Abstract: In this work we investigate simulation data from the CM1 cloud model. Specifically, typical thunderstorms are simulated under environmental conditions known to produce downbursts, such as those in the High Plains. A downburst is created by a column of sinking air that, upon impinging the ground, can create an outburst of damaging winds. Understanding the specific capabilities of downbursts is critically important to the maintenance of structures susceptible to these intense downdrafts, such as power transmission lines. In this video we first provide a cloud- and precipitation- based overview of a downburst-producing thunderstorm. We then provide the context to transition from the more recognizable and general features of the thunderstorm to those pertaining to downbursts. In high-detail we illustrate the significant small-scale characteristics of the downburst. Video link:

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