SC13 Denver, CO

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

4th SC Workshop on Petascale (Big) Data Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities

A Data Centric View of Large-Scale Seismic Imaging Workflows pdf
Matthieu Lefebvre and Ebru Bozdag (Princeton University), Henri Calandra (Total SA E&P), Judy Hill (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Wenjie Lei (Princeton University), Daniel Peter (ETH Zurich), Norbert Podhorszki and Dave Pugmire (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and Herurisa Rusmanugroho, James Smith and Jeroen Tromp (Princeton University)

Experiences in Building a Data Packaging Pipeline for Tomography Beamline pdf
Lavanya Ramakrishnan and Richard S. Canon (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

Extreme Scale Visual Analytics pdf
Chad A. Steed, Thomas E. Potok, Laura L. Pullum, Arvind Ramanathan, Galen Shipman and Peter E. Thornton (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

ICEE: Wide-area In Transit Data Processing Framework For Near Real-Time Scientific Applications pdf
Jong Youl Choi (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Scalable Streaming Graph Data Processing: A Position Paper on Design Goals and a Possible Approach pdf
Kurt Rohloff, Jefferey Cleveland and Kyle Usbeck (Raytheon BBN Technologies)

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