SC13 Denver, CO

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Fusion Active Storage for Write-Intensive Big Data Applications.

Student: Gregory A. Thorsness (Texas Tech University)
Supervisor: Yong Chen (Texas Tech University)

Abstract: Many high-performance computing applications have become highly data intensive due to the substantial increase of both simulation data generated from scientific computing models and instrument data collected from increasingly large-scale sensors and instruments. These applications transfer large amounts of data between compute nodes and storage nodes, which is a costly and bandwidth consuming process. The data movement often dominates the applications run time. This study investigates a new Fusion Active Storage System (FASS) to address the data movement bottleneck issue specifically for write-intensive big data applications. The FASS enables a paradigm that moves write-intensive computations to storage nodes, generates and writes data in place to storage devices. It moves computations to data and avoids the data movement bottleneck on the data path. The FASS has an advantage of minimizing data movements and can have an impact on big data applications.

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