SC13 Denver, CO

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Analysis and Optimization of an OrangeFS Block Driver for QEMU/KVM.

Student: Timothy J. Scott (Clemson University)
Supervisor: Walt Ligon (Clemson University)

Abstract: QEMU/KVM is an important part of many cloud computing stacks and is a critical element in the OpenStack consortium. This project evaluates the block driver written using a standard POSIX interface that leverages libofs, a POSIX interface that uses optimized calls in the OrangeFS usrint library. Analysis of performance includes measures and analysis of performance variation with different cache and striping configurations. This project seeks to meet two primary goals. First is to measure performance gains that will allow OrangeFS to be positioned as a backend to a datacenter or cloud infrastructure and rapidly serve images as new Virtual Machine (VM) instances are launched. Second is to serve as a proof-of-concept usage of new functionality in libofs and the performance gains available when using libofs to bypass the OrangeFS Linux kernel module.

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