SC13 Denver, CO

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

A Portable Approach for Repeatability Testing.

Authors: Quan Pham (University of Chicago), Tanu Malik (University of Chicago), Ian Foster (University of Chicago)

Abstract: Provenance-To-Use (PTU) is a tool from SOLE Framework that minimizes computation time during repeatability testing of computation-based experiments. PTU allows authors to assemble code, data, environment, and provenance of an initial reference execution into a single package that can be distributed to testers. The resulting package allows testers to view the provenance graph and specify, at a process and file level, nodes of the graph that they want for a partial deterministic replay-based, for example, on their compute, memory and I/O utilization as measured during the reference execution. Using the provenance trace, PTU guarantees that events are processed in the same order using the same data from one execution to the next. We show the efficiency of PTU for conducting repeatability testing of workflow-based scientific programs outweighs the overhead incurred during the reference executions.

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