SC13 Denver, CO

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Optimizing User Oriented Job Scheduling within TORQUE.

Authors: Dalibor Klusácek (CESNET), Václav Chlumský (CESNET), Hana Rudová (Masaryk University)

Abstract: We present a major extension of the widely used TORQUE Resource Manager. Unlike common resource managers that use queuing approach, our solution uses planning (job schedule construction) and schedule optimization in order to achieve better predictability, performance and fairness with respect to common queue-based approaches. Moreover, additional important features are supported, e.g., so called multi-resource fairness that is used to fairly prioritize users subject to their (highly) heterogeneous demands concerning various system resources. Also, new textual and graphical interfaces allow users to better control and plan computation of their jobs. Our solution is currently undergoing experimental deployment in the Czech national Grid "MetaCentrum". The poster will be presented in a standard fashion, i.e., by the first author using a printed poster and an oral presentation.

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