SC13 Denver, CO

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

Performance Analysis of Hybrid BFS Approach Using Semi-External Memory.

Authors: Keita Iwabuchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JST CREST), Hitoshi Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology, JST CREST), Yuichiro Yasui (Chuo University, JST CREST), Katsuki Fujisawa (Chuo University, JST CREST)

Abstract: NVRAM devices can help processing of extremely large-scale graphs with over DRAM capacity on a single node; however, performance studies and access pattern analyses of graph kernels using both DRAM and NVRAM devices are limited. In order to address the issue, we propose a graph data offloading technique by using NVRAM for the hybrid BFS algorithm and conduct performance analysis of the Hybrid BFS implementation with our data offloading technique. Experimental results show that our approach can achieve 2.8 GTEPS at the maximum and reduce half the size of DRAM with 47.1% performance degradation. The poster also includes performance analyses of our Hybrid BFS approach, which suggests that we can process large-scale graphs with minimum performance degradation using NVRAM by carefully considering the data structures and the access patterns.

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