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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-22, 2013

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Secrets of the Dark Universe: Simulating the Sky on the Blue Gene/Q, The Outer Rim Simulation

SESSION: Scientific Visualization Showcase Exhibit

EVENT TYPE: Scientific Visualization Showcases

TIME: 8:30AM - 5:00PM

AUTHOR(S):Joseph A. Insley, Salman Habib, Katrin Heitmann

ROOM:Mile High Pre-Function

An astonishing 99.6% of our Universe is dark. Observations indicate that the Universe consists of 70% of a mysterious dark energy and 25% of a yet unidentified dark matter component, and only 0.4% of the remaining ordinary matter is visible. Understanding the physics of this dark sector is the foremost challenge in cosmology today. Sophisticated simulations of the evolution of the Universe play a crucial task in this endeavor. This movie shows a large simulation of the distribution of matter in the Universe, the so-called cosmic web, which evolved under the influence of dark energy. The simulation is evolving 1.1 trillion particles using HACC, a new computational framework developed to overcome the challenges posed by future supercomputing architectures. It is currently running on 32 racks of Mira, the Blue Gene/Q system at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. The visualization was performed on Argonnes Tukey cluster.

Chair/Author Details:

Joseph A. Insley - Argonne National Laboratory

Salman Habib - Argonne National Laboratory

Katrin Heitmann - Argonne National Laboratory

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