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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-22, 2013

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Early Evolution of a Star Cluster in the Galactic Tidal Field

SESSION: Scientific Visualization Showcase Exhibit

EVENT TYPE: Scientific Visualization Showcases

TIME: 8:30AM - 5:00PM

AUTHOR(S):David Reagan, Enrico Vesperini, Anna Lisa Varri, Patrick Beard, Chris Eller

ROOM:Mile High Pre-Function

This animation shows the dynamical evolution of a star cluster as it evolves toward an equilibrium configuration. The cluster is initially 'cold' (the initial stellar velocities are not large enough to support the stellar system against its own self-gravity) and collapses. As it collapses, the cluster is also moving on its orbit around the Galactic center. The presence of the external tidal field along with the Coriolis effect due to its orbital motion in the Galaxy significantly affects the collapse process and the resulting structural and kinematic properties. In particular, the animation presented shows a deeper collapse along the vertical direction (z-axis; perpendicular to the orbital plane) leading to a final system characterized by a significant flattening. As a result of the Coriolis effect, stars acquire a significant rotation around the z-axis. During the phases of collapse and rebound shown in the animation, different parts of the system acquire rotation in opposite directions; the final system is characterized by a dense central core with counter-clockwise rotation and a low-density outer halo with clockwise rotation.

Chair/Author Details:

David Reagan - Indiana University

Enrico Vesperini - Indiana University

Anna Lisa Varri - Indiana University

Patrick Beard - Indiana University

Chris Eller - Indiana University

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