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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-22, 2013

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SESSION: Automata Processor: A New, Non-von Neumann Parallel Architecture

EVENT TYPE: Emerging Technologies

TIME: 5:10PM - 5:30PM

Presenter(s):Michael Leventhal, Michela Becchi

ROOM:Booth 3947

A new category of processor, designed with a clean-slate approach focused on big data problems on the frontier of modern computing, is being presented publically for the first time in Emerging Technologies at SC13. A chip, invented by memory manufacturer Micron, is in fabrication and early work on potential applications is being presented from research teams at Georgia Tech, the University of Virginia and the University of Missouri. Michael Leventhal will present the design philosophy and foundations of the chip and its associated development toolset. The Automata Processor approaches parallelism using the architectural concepts of memory systems, both inherently data-centric and parallel, and programming concepts from the foundations of computing, the theory of automata. Massively parallel, with over 50,000 automata processing elements per chip and able to simultaneously synchronize execution, inter-element communication and output through a simple programming model based on nondeterministic finite automata, the processor aims to enable creation of parallel applications with capabilities that cannot be attained with conventional architectures. Michela Becchi will analyze the automata processor relative to current approaches to automata-centric compute problems such as those that involve evaluation of large sets of regular expressions. Micron's Automata Processor combines the advantages of NFA-based designs and of memory-based solutions to regular expression matching. Specifically, it efficiently supports large sets of complex regular expressions, while providing worst-case processing guarantees and support for multiple input streams. In addition, it comes with a user-friendly programming tool-chain that can be easily integrated with existing tools for regular expression processing

Chair/Presenter Details:

Michael Leventhal - Micron

Michela Becchi - University of Missouri

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