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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-22, 2013

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HPC: Where the Rubber Meets the 'Simulated' Road

SESSION: HPC Impact Showcase Wednesday

EVENT TYPE: HPC Impact Showcases

TIME: 11:40AM - 12:20PM

SESSION CHAIR: David Halstead

ROOM:Booth 3947

Historically, new tires were developed by build-and-test cycles. Tires were beyond the capability of simulation technology due to the extreme loads, high speeds, large deformations, and soft/stiff materials. Goodyear has invested over 25 years in High Performance Computing They have collaborated with national laboratories developing highly paralleled modeling codes to simulate structural, fluid, noise and thermal analyses under all types of loads and road conditions. Goodyear has moved from punch cards and single CPU mainframe computers, sharing cycles, to expensive 'big iron' super computers, and on to thousands of low cost Linux compute nodes, multi-core processors, high speed interconnects, parallel storage and multi-site clustering that spans the globe. The switch to commodity hardware, Linux operation systems and open source software has propelled Goodyear's tire development and shortened its time-to-market allowing Goodyear to grow even through economic downturns. HPC has allowed Goodyear to replace most of its physical build-and-testing with proven simulations that are a fraction of the cost and yield data not possible from driving tires around a race track for months. HPC enables Goodyear tire designers to model multiple iterations of a tire, varying materials, tread patterns, weight, thicknesses and sizes until the customers needs are met.

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