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SCHEDULE: NOV 16-22, 2013

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Towards Semi-Automated Dense Linear Algebra Library Generation

SESSION: Doctoral Showcase - Dissertation Research

EVENT TYPE: Doctoral Showcase - Dissertation Research Showcase

TIME: 11:00AM - 11:15AM

SESSION CHAIR: Alistair Rendell

Presenter(s):Bryan A. Marker


Design by Transformation (DxT) is an approach to software engineering where knowledge of software is encoded as transformations. Currently, experts implicitly apply this knowledge to manually create high-performing code. The long-term goal of my work is to encode expert knowledge to automatically apply it for more sustainable, efficient, and formal engineering. Without being explicitly stored, experts critical knowledge can be lost when an expert retires or leaves. Further, when this knowledge is applied manually, it can be incorrectly applied, resulting in coding errors, or forgotten to be applied, resulting in inefficiencies. This is the case for domains such as dense linear algebra (DLA); experts inefficiently develop DLA code libraries manually. Instead, we should automatically generate such libraries. With DxT we encode knowledge and automatically generate the same or better code (as seen in my experiments with dense linear algebra). Code generated by my work is shipping with the Elemental library.

Chair/Presenter Details:

Alistair Rendell (Chair) - Australian National University

Bryan A. Marker - University of Texas at Austin

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