Special Resources for International Attendees

We extend a special welcome to SC13 attendees from outside the USA.

The SC conference series has always had a large number of international attendees, both in the Technical Program and the exhibit hall. To further support this, a special effort is being made to provide assistance and facilities to enhance the SC13 experience of international participants. A group known as the SC Ambassadors has been set up to implement and develop this initiative.

The SC Ambassadors surveyed a sample of past international attendees to identify the difficulties they had encountered. Since the most frequent problems involved applying for visas, we have created a SC13 web section to help you apply for a visa. A Frequently Asked Questions page deals with other topics raised by the survey.

Questions: SCambassadors@info.supercomputing.org

Or contact an SC Ambassador directly:
David Abramson, Monash University (Australia)
Ron Perrott (Chair), University of Oxford (UK)
Bernd Mohr, Juelich Supercomputing Centre (Germany)
Depei Qian, Beihang University (China)